Fortnite: Where To Find And Place Spy Probes

This week we have got various legendary quests and placing spy probes in Fortnite is one of those. For completing this first of all you have to collect three spy probes and place them on the given location on the map.

It might be difficult for you to find the location but it becomes easier when you follow this article and do as it is said.

We have an exact location where you find all the three spy probes in one place. There might be some more locations but currently, we have found only one, and I think it would be enough for you to complete the quest.

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The location we have found is Retail Row, all three locations are South of the yellow house on the hill, West of the yellow house on the raised grass section by a tree, and Near the blue tower on the hill north of Retail Row. The exact locations are marked on the map below.


My suggestion is to take a vehicle so that you can easily find and place it before an enemy comes near you. There is one more location called Slurpy Swarmp but we are not sure about it.

If we found more locations in the future it will be updated here as soon as we found that. So you can bookmark this page to stay updated with future updates.

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