Fortnite Klombos Dinosaurs Locations & More

In the recent update of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Flipped Overview Trailer, lots of changes have been made. Klombos Dinosaurs is one of them, but not many things were described about it in the trailer.

Klombos is a gigantic monster added in the game which drop lots of loot items after a few intervals of time, and you can get them. The Klombos dinosaurs is located at multiple location on the map, and you can find it one by one and grab lots of loot. Let’s have a quick look at its locations and a few more details about it.

Fortnite Klombos Dinosaurs Locations

There are many locations where the new Klombos Buttercake dinosaur monster can be found. Here is a video tutorial where all the location of Kolmbos has been displayed, and I’m sure this will be very much useful for you to easily find this new monster.

Players are loving this new dinosaur and easily getting lots of loot by feeding. I’m assuming this article helped you to find out Fortnite Klombos Dinosaurs Locations & get complete information about all its locations in the game.

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