Fortnite has reduced its size to under 30GB with the new update

Fortnite has reduced its size to under 30Gb

The Fortnite team has shared the development of the game on their twitter handle account on 21st October, this post contains that the Fortnite 14.40 version was released.

Fortnite has reduced its size to under 30GB
Fortnite has reduced its size to under 30GB

The post also mentions that the new patch was larger than the regular updates; this is because the new optimizations have reduced the overall size of the game. The developers also share the data about the optimizations in the game that was reduced the total file size on the PC.

This was great news for the PC players. The Fortnite new version 14.40 update has 27GB in size, this update was quite larger than the older updates.

On the previous updates, the Fortnite game took more than 90GB of the storage, but right now after the update, the game will take only 27GB storage.

This was great news for those persons who face the storage problem. The new Fortnite update 14.40 has also brought bug fixes and new features to the game.

Fortnite 3rd birthday cake has been including in the Indoor Residential Prop Gallery. This update has included many new fixes such as weapon fixes, island bug fixes, and also the gameplay bug fixes.

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been updated many times at the time of its launch.

And has crossed the 240GB marks.

As we tell you in our previous articles about the Halloween update.

The last update in this game was the Halloween update from the developers. The last update has about 20GB in itself on the PC.  



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