Fortnite: Where To Find Alien Trees & Destroy Them?

Completing Week 6 epic quests is too easy all you have to do is to collect golden bars and spend them. In addition, players have to destroy the equipment and alien trees to complete the Week6 epic quests easily in Fortnite.

Identifying these alien trees is not so hard as we think. These Fortnite alien trees are actually palm trees in blue and purple color. These trees are not much strong so you can destroy them in a few hits. The maximum you will need is 2-3 hits to destroy one alien tree.

Alien Trees Locations In Fortnite

The best places where you can find Alien Trees in Fortnite are Holly Hatchery and Low-Gravity Biome. You can easily destroy them in order to complete the challenges as soon as possible.

You see many players will land at this place so I recommend you to get some good weapons first of all to defend yourself. Otherwise, you will be defeated by the opponents.

Fortnite: Where To Find Alien Trees & Destroy Them?

If you are not able to find these alien trees then there is an alternative way to create by yourself in order to complete the challenge. For this players have to find some Alien Nanities, the Alien Nanities can be thrown at a place where it is full of trees. This action will convert them into Alien Trees and you can destroy them to complete the challenge.

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