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Foes that Goku turned into allies in Dragon Ball

Goku in the game-play of Dragon Ball has no doubt faced a lot of foes through the course of the Dragon Ball series. Here is the list of the Foes that Goku turned into allies in Dragon Ball

Foes that Goku turned into allies in Dragon Ball


He has since become one of Goku’s most important allies. Piccolo was one of the first allies that Goku gained in the series. After Goku’s death, Piccolo had a change of heart and went on to help train his son, Gohan. The Namekian came to Earth to kill Goku but eventually helped him defeat Radits, albeit killing Goku in the process in Foes that Goku turned into allies in Dragon Ball


The Beerus was one of the most formidable opponents Goku faced in the entire series. Beerus was impressed, and the two have got on quite well since. Despite besting Goku in combat, the God of Destruction admitted to using all his power to fight the Saiyan.


Although Broly isn’t an ally per se, he does admire Goku. Goku shares the sentiment when it comes to Broly as well. Before parting, Goku offers to train with Broly, which is the greatest sign of respect between Saiyan warriors. The cherry on the cake was when Goku asked Broly to call him Kakarot. Foes that Goku turned into allies in Dragon Ball, and then Goku then arrived at Vampa with two senzu beans and some capsules to help Broly heal himself.


This was a very unlikely alliance that Goku had to forge for the sake of Universe 7. Goku has to turn to one of his deadliest foes, Freiza, to fight alongside the Z-warriors. During the Tournament of Power, the fate of all the universes hung in the balance. Even though it was difficult for Goku to trust Freiza due to their complicated history, Freiza proved to be an important ally.



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