How To Fly In Minecraft (Complete Guide)

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In this article, I will be sharing the complete tutorial on How To Fly In the Minecraft game and move in anywhere fast in the complete world that you have built. Traveling in your world on your feet is a bit of time taking procedure, that’s why we players fly and look for what we need.

So turn on commands in Minecraft and change the mode to Creative if you are playing survival mode. For flying there is a keyboard shortcut in Minecraft using which we can fly higher, lower, or stop flying.

How To Fly In Minecraft?

Step 1: Press the space key twice (quickly), You will move above the ground
Step 2: Press and Hold the space key to fly higher


Step 3: Press and Hold the Left Shift key to fly lower
Step 4: Press Space Key twice (quickly) to stop flying when you are in the air

This is how you can fly up, down, and come back to the ground.


How To Start Flying In Minecraft?

By pressing the Space key (twice quickly) on the keyboard, one can fly.

How To Fly Higher In Minecraft?

When you are in the air, just Press and Hold the space key to fly higher.

How To Fly Lower In Minecraft?

To fly lower in Minecraft, just Press and Hold the left shift key on your keyboard.

How To Stop Flying In Minecraft?

In order to come back to the ground and stop flying, just Press the Space key twice (quickly).

This is the complete guide to Minecraft’s flying technique. You can use this in a better way to optimize your gaming experience and keep an eye on your complete world. Many players use this as an advantage to protect from others who try to harm or destroy our creative world.

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