How To Find Village In Minecraft By Teleporting?

This tutorial will guide you with the easiest tutorial to find village in Minecraft by teleporting technique. Finding village in Minecraft is a bit difficult task in beginning, but it is possible with the help of teleporting commands.

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How To Find Village In Minecraft?

Step 1: Enable commands
Step 2: Type /locate village (the nearest village co-ordinates will be displayed)

Locate village in minecraft

Step 3: Type /tp yourname co-ordinates (you have got)

Type /tp yourname co-ordinates (you have got)

Step 4: Press enter, and you will be teleported to a village at that co-ordinate

teleported to the village

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This is how you can find a village in the easiest way and trade with the villagers. If you have any query or facing issue while find village, make sure to drop them in the below comments.

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