Fight For Colours event in Free Fire all you need to know?

Here we can see the new event in the game free fire yes friends we all know that free fire is come with new events at every festival so here in this Holi festival free fire was a come up with the new event to distribute the gifts among the players to make the festival more joyful so let us know what is this event Fight For Colours event in free fire.

Fight For Colours event
Fight For Colours event

Fight For Colours event in Free Fire

The Free Fire event began today, i.e., March 15, 2021, and will conclude on March 29, 2021. During the given time frame, players must complete specific missions listed on the individual nodes of a particular path. This will net them numerous minor rewards, and they’ll also be able to progress through it.

It is crucial to note that users can change their paths according to their preferences at any given moment. They must just tap on the starting point of the desired path to change the course, and a pop-up will appear, prompting them to confirm their selection. The players’ progress will be retained throughout the event, i.e., they wouldn’t have to restart a given route when switching back later.

All The Different paths and their rewards!

Red path

  • Travel 5000m in-game – Gold x200
  • Revive 2 Teammates – Armor Crate
  • Kill 3 enemies – Bounty Token
  • Play any game (3 times) – Universal Fragment x500
  • Booyah in BR rank mode – Character Lvl 8 card

Yellow path

  • Kill 1 enemy – Gold x200
  • Play BR Rank game – Armor Crate
  • Survive 7 mins in BR mode twice – Scan
  • Play 2 squad BR games – Pet Food
  • Win CS rank mode twice – Awakening Shard

Rainbow path

  • Play any game – Gold x200
  • Kill 5 enemies – Armor Crate
  • Survive 7 mins in BR mode twice – Scan
  • Booyah in BR mode – Universal Fragment x500
  • Deal 2000 damage to enemies – Pet Food
  • Win in CS mode twice – Summon Airdrop
  • Revive 5 teammates – Punkster Runner Bundle

Blue path

  • Play BR rank game – Gold x200
  • Revive 2 teammates – Leg Pockets
  • Kill 3 enemies – Scan
  • Travel 5000m in-game – Universal Fragment x500
  • Play with friends twice – 5x Warrior Spirit FAMAS Box x5

Green path

  • Play CS rank game – Gold x200
  • Survive 7 mins in BR mode – Resupply Map
  • Play BR rank game – Bonfire
  • Kill 3 enemies – Universal Fragment x500
  • Play game with friends twice – 5x Maniac MP40 Box

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