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Features that players want to see in GTA 6

Some features may be a bit of a stretch without some major overhaul. Still, fans love these games and would love to see a little inspiration in GTA 6. see in GTA 6

see in GTA 6
see in GTA 6

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is still largely unexplored in today’s era. There are 3rd-party mods for GTA 5, but these are generally rather lackluster compared to what a company of Rockstar Games’ stature could pull off. With so much potential to be had, it isn’t surprising to see that there isn’t an official GTA game with virtual reality support. If a series as large as GTA were to incorporate it, then virtual reality might be seen as more than just a niche. Some fans of virtual reality clamor for it to become more commonplace. Still, there’s a market of fans eagerly waiting to see official support for virtual reality in GTA. Imagine a more immersive experience as a GTA protagonist.

Honor system

In GTA 5, the protagonists follow a very linear path of characterization that side quests don’t affect. NPCs almost always react the same no matter what the player does; they have their own pre-defined personality that the player seldom affects. The most engrossing games typically have NPCs react to the player realistically. Unfortunately, GTA games have always felt robotic in this aspect.

Skill tree

In GTA San Andreas, the player could influence how CJ looks. For some fans, the current skill system is uninspiring and lifeless. Hence, some fans wish for the next GTA game to have a more robust skill tree inspired by some of the greatest RPGs. It would increase replayability while enhancing a person’s experience in comparison to how their friends might play the game. This extended past mere clothing options and into if CJ was fat, skinny, or muscular. However, a skill tree hasn’t truly existed in the GTA franchise. Believe it or not, but GTA is no stranger to RPG mechanics. This extended past mere clothing options and into if CJ was fat, skinny, or muscular.



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