Features of Kelly in Free Fire? why you choose Kelly

Hello, friends here in this article we are going to know the reasons why we have to chose the character Kelly in the game free fire. yes, friends like we all know that Kelly was the fastest-running character in the all-game free fire.

So what are you waiting for let us start the article and let us get to know why the player has to choose the Kelly in the game free fire so lets’ start the article and let’s known. Features of Kelly in Free Fire so let’s start

Features of Kelly in Free Fire
Features of Kelly in Free Fire

Running Ability

Kelly is one of the easiest characters that players can avail of in Free Fire. She is a popular pick due to her incredible ability: “Dash.” At the base level.

The sprinting speed of users increases by 1%. With the increase in level, her abilities enhance.

At character level 8, the sprinting speed increases by 6%..

And one more thing friends kelly was the fastest runner character of the free fire that was really helping the players to BOOYAH the game.

Best for skill combos

In Free Fire, users have the option of combining with other characters. Dash blends nicely with characters like Hayato, Moco, and DJ Alok. The boost in the movement speed makes her one of the best characters to be used in combination with other characters.

You can use or combine the kelly with many other characters.

it was also the biggest ability of the Kelly in the game description in the free fire.

Useful in Clash Squad

Kelly is a great character to use in the Clash Squad mode as her sprinting ability helps offer quick reflexes and allows her to move fast across the map. Having extra speed always gives players an edge over their enemies.

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