FAUG battle royal The Indian alternative of PUBG mobile Ban!!

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FAUG battle royal have been the trending topic over the youngsters in india over last week. Moreover,The reason was quite known , pubg mobile was banned by indian govt. in this article we will be

Major loss to FAUG battle royal’s rival Competitor PUBG.

China’s gaming and online media force fell more than 2 percent. Moreover, Thursday with Tencent’s proposals after India ban its mainstream games PUBG and 117 other portable applications.

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The market estimate of this decline is estimate at around US $ 14 billion. India prohibited these applications as a reaction to the deadlock over the fringe. Whereas, mobile game FAUG battle royal is still a threat to pubg mobile.
PUBG had more than 50 million Active gamers and community in India.

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Some other Mobile battle royal games than PUBG mobile.

As long as it was for a year, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) mobile had gain a reputation in India. Similarly, as it was associate with some instances of severe gaming dependence among young people. To sum up, Guardians and parents also went to the courts to boycott the Battle Royale game. Therefore, yet it did not show up until Wednesday (2 September).

The legislature of India, banned the famous game PUBG Mobile for 117 applications. Along with, a large part of the Chinese start point, citing security threats to residents and the country.

Here are the top 5 fight royal options for PUBG mobile games

Call of Duty: Mobile by Activision Inc.

Well known support and PC game versatile is additionally accessible. This is exceptionally designe for cell phones. Customers get the opportunity to play the infamous multi-player guide and mode, whenever, anywhere. This 100 player Battle Royal battleground, Fast 5v5 Group Deathmatch, Sniper vs Rifleman Fighetc modes. Moreover, Activision allowed for play-off Call of Duty : Mobile in india .

A Day Before On Earth: Existence.

As the name suggests, endurance is a fixed point. The game was set in a dystopian world in 2027, which saw an episode of an unexplained disease that inflated practically all mankind. Like the Will Smith starrer ‘I Am Legend’ movie, each of the individuals undergoing contamination began to turn into zombies and the couple who survived have a blood-clogged protest trying to get by the remnants of the land Huh.

Your point is to keep the protagonist alive and watch out for life details, for example, craving and thirst, collect important assets to build, weaponize and transport different types or use what you have within reach : A bat or a street sign. You need everything to make war and execute a great many zombies.

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Garena Free Fire: 3volution (by Garna International I Pvt Ltd).

This is an endurance shooter game. Players can choose their initial stage with the parachute and are able to remain in the dependent zone to the extent that it will be possible. They can be unknown by having cars check huge guides, cover them in channels, or pronounce under grass. “There is only one purpose, achievable by trap, kill,: to bear and respond to targets “, featured on the Google Play store. To sum up, this game is as interesting as FAUG battle royal.

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Expert Shooter 3D: Gun Shooting Games.

Expert Shooter 3D is a great multiplayer FPS (First Person Shooter) pro killer game. Moreover , it has best graphics and a definite point is to change into the best rifleman pro assassin. Players can open fun redesigns and build great firearms. It offers free on the web and disconnected game modes. It will be available for ios users on Apple’s App Store. Moreover, on the Google Play Store, its name is available as ‘Markman Battle royal 3D: Fun Free Online ‘ . Thus, you can easily get this game from play store.

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Battle Field Battle Royal.

Similarly ,This is also an battle royal game with lots of in game easy gun game. He will face 32 parts in short 3 brief fights. It is an great engaging game and has no complicated menus. Just play, parachute, loot, shoot, and win. is that all.

More Detailed news on PUBG ban in india.

After PUBG games were ban in India, many new games are present. Nevertheless, here, Akshay Kumar tweeted today and distributed the movement banner of the FAUG Game App (Best PUBG Optional).

FAUG battle royal: Bollywood star Akshay Kumar has given the basic look banner of the multiplayer activity game FAUG battle royal (Fearless and United-Guards). Produced by NCORE Games, this game will let players know about the valor of our fighters. Similarly, Akshay Kumar informs, through his Instagram post 20% of the income of the game will donate to India’s Veer.

In October Games 2020 will send activity games FAU: G.

Sharing the banner on his Twitter handle, Akshay Kumar says , “PM’s support is Narendra Modi’s self-proclaim development, an activity game, Fearless and United-Guards are happy to start FAU-G. Apart from diversions, players likewise Will know. Troopers. 20% of net income will be donate to haBharatKeVeer. Trust #FAUG

The Indian government has lately found Limelight to cover customers with several Indian-made applications, with 118 Chinese applications banned, including PUBG. FAUG battlefield is also known as a domestic alternative to tencent’s PUBG. This is an Indian-made app called PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground). Will be like

The application has to appear on Google Playstore (Android client) and App Store (iOS client).


Pubg and Tencents’s games will face a ban and restrictions in operation in India . There was a huge craze and hype among the youth about this Chinese game. Moreover, as there was such trend in youth and now Akshay Kumar has responded to it. Akshay Kumar has run FAU-G on his social media to counter PUBG. This post by Akshay Kumar is going viral on social media . Whereas, A portion of the return from this game will be given to Bharat K Veer Trust of India, which is a serious matter. The trust is set up by the Home Service of india.

Akshay Kumar tweeted, “We are happy to introduce FAUG battle royal, an activity game in support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s independence campaign.” alternatively, Despite the entertainment, players will also have the option to get information about soldier’s salaries as well. 20 per cent refund from the game will be given to Veer Trust of India.

FAUG battle royal! Arrival , Modes, Graphic, everything you need to know. This game is .. this Part is Copied in pubg. Akshay Kumar, said.. [ READ MORE ]

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