FAU-G vs PUBG Mobile

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Hello friends we are come with the most intrsting and demanding questions of the players that they want to know the basis differnces between the two games whose name in this popularity after the pubg ban in India. yes freinds i am talking about none other than FAU-G vs PUBG Mobile. so let’s start the article and let us know the basic diffrences

FAU-G vs PUBG Mobile
FAU-G vs PUBG Mobile

1. Game modes

The developers of FAU-G – nCORE Games made it quite evident that the highly anticipated action game will not feature a battle royale mode on its initial release. However, the mode will be added in the future with the updates. 

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Upon its release, the title will only feature a single-player and a cooperative multiplayer mode. On the other hand, PUBG Mobile India, just like the global version, will feature several modes, including the regular BR mode.

2. Real-world scenarios and virtual simulation training ground

FAU-G will be based on real-world scenarios and will educate the players about the sacrifices made by the soldiers. The press release by PUBG Corporation stated that PUBG Mobile India would feature multiple changes in the in-game content, including the green hit effect, a function to limit the game time, and default character clothing. The Indian version of the game will be set as a virtual simulation training ground.

3. Game structure

FAU-G is a multiplayer action game and will likely be set as an episode or level-based title based on real-world scenarios. Also, the first level of the game is expected to be in Galwan Valley. Its teaser also indicated the same as it showcased a glimpse of the place.

On the other hand, PUBG mobile India will be a battle royale like its global version. While the players will compete against each other to progress through various tiers. Every match they gain or lose points will determine their progress in the game.

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