Fans create GTA-style map of Sentosa

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There was repeating news that the GTA fan base might have created a most creative property for the entertainment of the players. The amazing modes and the script were beautifully rendered by the fans and the concept art, the community of the GTA Online has been extremely innovative. The fans prove that they can match up with the creativity of the creators. A Reddit user and GTA fan recently rendered an amazingly detailed map of Sentosa, Singapore, to the style of maps seen in GTA 5. Fans create GTA-style

GTA-style map of Sentosa
GTA-style map of Sentosa

There was a certain aspect of the game-play of GTA Online such about its art-style.

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Maps and graphics and the colorful graphics, these have been the iconic for the players.


Fan creates a GTA-style map of Sentosa, Singapore

The fans and the players of the GTA Online has created a map which was incredible with the details.

Which complete the actual Fairground icons and the even ones which indicates the presence the area of the High-End apartments.  The other fans of GTA Online have praised the incredible artwork with attention to the accuracy.

And the details which brings over a real-life location in the game-play of the signature map style.

The fans also piqued the interest to the surrounding the map DLC for the game.

When it does arrive on the PS5 in mid-2021 in an “Expanded and Enhanced” version. Although all the gamers and the players did not know about the new additions could be speculation has been rampant on the internet.

This gives some suggestions which was merely be a Remaster.

And there are some new Radio Stations in the Story Mode. The other remaining cautiously optimistic for a new map DLC for GTA Online, and maybe even a Story Mode Expansion. and more.

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