Escalera and Raizen ONIC PH Journey: A Quest for Personal Growth and Redemption 2023

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RSG PH and ONIC PH faced battle in an exciting matchup during the second match series of the MPL PH Season 12 regular season. The three rounds of intense combat had the audience on the edge of their seats. RSG PH ultimately won the series 2-1 after mounting an incredible comeback.

Following this thrilling match, two of ONIC PH’s newest additions, Dean “Raizen” Sumagui and Jomearie “Escalera” Santos, took the chance to discuss their choices to leave their previous teams and join the Yellow Hedgehogs. They also discussed their early team experiences, which provided insight into their goals and motives.


Escalera’s Quest for Growth

Escalera was once regarded as a cornerstone player for TNC Pro Team, therefore news of his departure surprised some fans. Escalera, though, clarified that the decision was entirely his own, driven by his desire for personal development, in a press conference following the game.

Escalera stated, “TNC was my comfort zone, but I noticed I wasn’t developing as a player there. “Joining ONIC gave me the chance to experience the growth I desired. Both as a player and as the team leader, I have greatly improved.

Escalera explained that while ONIC and TNC were both competitive, he longed for ONIC to possess a more intense desire to win tournaments. He emphasised that his breakup with TNC was amicable and that there were no unresolved concerns.

Raizen’s Redemption Arc

Raizen, who was formerly a phenomenal talent for Omega Esports, discussed his personal motives for leaving his former squad during the post-game conference. He joked, in a light-hearted manner, that Omega had decided to let him go.

As with Escalera, they “sort of gave me the boot,” but it was okay because I had been with them for a while—roughly four seasons. The time had come for me to step outside of my comfort zone, Raizen replied with a smile. “For me, ONIC has been a revelation. Here, I’ve learned a great deal.

Raizen went into greater detail on how ONIC PH helped him gain confidence and speak more freely. He emphasised the encouraging environment by saying, “The team is incredibly friendly, and we have open communication.”

Raizen boldly announced his ambition to defeat his former team, Omega Esports, out of a desire to establish himself and ONIC PH as a strong force. He declared, “Omega, get ready, I’m coming for you.” I wish them well, but I expect them to be at their best when we meet.

Fans will have to wait until the second week to watch Raizen and Omega Esports square off in their highly anticipated matchup. ONIC PH is preparing for their upcoming match against ECHO on September 9 at 7:30 PM (PHT) in the meantime.

Escalera and Raizen, the dynamic pair behind ONIC PH, have set off on a brand-new voyage full of promise and ambition in a setting where personal development and redemption are central themes. The MPL PH Season 12 looks to be an exciting new chapter in their lives as they continue to develop within their new club. As the season progresses, keep an eye out for more intriguing stories and titanic fights.

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