Dungeons Artifacts in Minecraft

As Minecraft has been one of the most popular games among the player’s community. Artifacts are special abilities that are used to assist dungeon-crawling. Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts are imperative to a player’s survival in the Dungeons. Dungeons Artifacts in Minecraft

Dungeons Artifacts in Minecraft

They provide temporary bonuses such as:

  • Pet Summon
  • Healing
  • Enhance
  • Attack

Players can equip three Artifacts simultaneously, and each has its own cooldown period. So the players of the game-play must choose wisely.

Soul Healer

The Soul Healer only has a cooldown of one second. However, it requires Souls. This one is for the healer mains. Soul Healer allows players to trade Souls to heal your most injured ally. If timed correctly, the Soul Healer can be a life-saving tool. Healing is significant for Boss fights because they can take a while.

Ghost Cloak

The Ghost Cloak is perfect for players who like to live on the edge. The Ghost Cloak is a great escape plan. With the Ghost Cloak, you are turned invisible and given a speed boost for a short period of time, so if one is trapped in a corner, this will help run through the mobs. It has a cooldown of six seconds. This will cause a little damage but nothing compared to what it would’ve been.

Love Medallion

The Love Medallion turns hostile mobs friendly, and they will begin to attack the other hostile mobs. The Love Medallion has a sizable cooldown at 30 seconds. The Medallion lasts for 10 seconds which then the allied mobs will disappear.

 Corrupted Beacon

This is by far the most powerful Minecraft Dungeon Artifact. The damage and length is determined by how many souls the player has acquired. It will most likely kill anything in its path. The Corrupted Beacon disintegrates everything in its path dealing 73 damage per second, provided the player can feed it, souls.



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