Donato’s Free Fire ID, lifetime stats

Donato’s Free Fire ID, lifetime stats

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Donato's Free Fire ID
Donato’s Free Fire ID

TheDonato’s Free Fire ID and stats

TheDonato’s Free Fire ID is 219110511. He is the leader of the guild, Donato. He also has an alternative ID, which is 336824640. 

Lifetime stats

Lifetime Stats

TheDonato has played a total of 2187 squad games and has triumphed in 811 of them. He has also notched up 11701 kills at a K/D ratio of 8.50.

When it comes to the duo mode, he has played 1716 matches and has secured 673 wins. He has killed 9411 foes and has maintained a K/D ratio of 9.02.

Donato has also played 1484 solo games and has 418 Booyahs in the mode. With 7726 kills, he has a K/D ratio of 7.25.

this all are the current life status of Donato’s Free Fire and if you want to know the free fire id of your favorite you-tuber then comment us on our website.

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