Developers create a new anti-hack system for flying hack Free Fire

Hello, friends here in this article we are going to tell you that the free fire developers made the best things for the normal players who never use hacks in their gameplay so let us talk more about that freinds the developers solve the major issue of hacking yes friends I a talking about the flying hack yes friends we all known that the cheaters will use these hacks and win the match so its not fair for the normal ones so to see these problem-free fire developers will come with the anti flying hack version so from till now any players will not use the flying hack in the free fire.

flying hack Free Fire

Free Fire working to combat flying hack cheats

Flying hack allows players to float in the air and create a height difference for an unfair advantage.

The developers informed that they had first encountered the cheat in the middle of 2020 after many players faced it in-game. They said that since then, they had been taking numerous actions to reinforce their anti-cheat system. After continuously fighting the hack’s creator for six months, the developers successfully created a detection method for the flying hack. They claim that the hack function had already been eliminated after the launch of the new client patch. The devs also stressed that after implementing the new strategy, the number of fly hacks in-game dropped significantly.

Free Fire’s developers assured its player base about constant updation of their anti-hack system to build.

And maintain a fair gaming environment. They also appreciated the player’s efforts and reports of hackers in-game. The devs claimed that the fight with hackers was an ongoing mission for them.

With the goal being to make Free Fire better for players by working with them.


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