Cycle1 Season 1 Purchase Bonus BGMI (PUBG MOBILE)

Here I will be sharing all the upcoming details that will be available very soon in Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile such as Premium crates and exactly 1-50 RP details for Month1 and Month2. In this article, I will let you know everything that will happen in Month1, Month2, Month3, and so on.

Cycle1 Season 1 Purchase Bonus

Till now this is the only purchase bonus that I loved so much, in this purchase bonus you will be getting a Gladiator set, Mysterious Spiral – DP28 skin, and some other normal outfits. The best thing is in this purchase bonus we will be getting a premium DP28 skin in just 180UC. Have a look at the outfit and DP28 skin in the below images.

Gladiator set
Gladiator set
Mysterious Spiral - DP28
Mysterious Spiral – DP28

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But you will get these rewards only when you purchase UC as for purchasing 60UC you will receive a crate coupon, at the purchase of 120UC an outfit will be given to you for free, and for Mysterious Spiral – DP28 skin you have to make a purchase of 180UC.

The best thing is it will be available in BGMI, PUBG Mobile Global, and even in the PUBG KR version. So there is no need to worry let it be if you are in any region or playing any version of PUBG.

That’s it for now, I hope this article would be useful for you to know about the Cycle1 Season1 purchase bonus, if this article is useful for you then don’t forget to make a share.

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