Characters Comparing abilities of DJ Alok vs Luqueta Characters and there are made Garena free fire different from any other game characters have become an integral part of Garena Free Fire. But only except Adam and Eve, boasts. Different characters have different skills that help the player to booyah! In the matches.

In total, there are 32 characters in the free fire. And the most trending and demanding player is  DJ Alok and Luqueta the both are two popular choices amongst players due to their abilities — Drop the Beat the ability of alok and Hat Trick ability of Luqueta, this is the respected ability of both players.

abilities of DJ Alok  Luqueta
Comparing abilities of DJ Alok vs Luqueta

Both of these are dominant characters and are based on real-life personalities and characters’, so in this article we are going to compare which one are best then other in Free Fire.

Comparing abilities of DJ Alok vs. Luqueta

DJ Alok’s ability – Drop the Beat

Due to the ability of Alok’s, he was the one of the most popular and demanding characters in the game. It creates an aura/ring of 5meters that replenishes 5 HP for 5 seconds and increases the movement speed by 10%.  And the most interesting thing At the maximum level, alok can create an aura/ ring that restores or regains  5 HP for 10 seconds and increases the movement speed of of the characters’ by 15 percent.

 You can buy DJ Alok in free fire ion 599 diamonds.In free fire.

Luqeta’s ability – Hat Trick

Luqueta was added relatively recently in the Garena free fire, in the OB23 update of the game free fire. And His ability increases the maximum HP Health of players by 8 to 35 points /kills.  If you have the max level of this character, you will gain 18 to 35 max HP with every kills.

You can buy Luqueta in Free Fire in free fire only just in 499 diamonds which was 100 diamonds less than alok.

If you want to know how to top up your id in free fire.



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