COD:Warzone has a download of 80 Million Times

Call of Duty warzone was the big game, it was known by the players. But the word big game does not mean in terms of popularity. COD download of 80 Million times

The CEO of the game Bobby Kotick gave an interview with the Venture Beat. He said that the Warzone has now been downloaded a whopping of 80million times.

COD download of 80 Million
COD download of 80 Million

And the install size was about 250GB. This works out to 20 million GB of the accumulated driven space. The size of the Warzone is assuming the content is installed; it did not fix it was fluctuating.  Since the free-to-play battle Royal game was released.

So it was possible that the data which was actually used in the downloaded can be less. But then there was an update on the top of the installs, which increase the total amount of the data. The players having their focus on the total amount of data that was to be used.  As the players know that the Warzone is also a very big match in sense of terms.

If there can be any doubt. And that was going to have an impact on how Activision engages the future with the Call of Duty. The CEO also give some words about the quarterly earnings.


Which was a call today that the addition of the “free-to-play-experience”, was more than a triple number of monthly players. This was the comparison between the previous year periods.

And also the hour played by the players has an increase of seven times higher. The CEO said along with that the growth has been seen after the release of the Warzone.

And this resulted in the changes of the Marketing also. This has reflected the size and scale of the proprietary network.  In the month of August, there were millions of players who gained the Black Ops-Cold war access.

This generates the true virtual water cooler moment.



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