COD:Black Ops- Cold War integrates in December

The new update of the COD:Black Ops- Cold War integrates in December, the Activison announced that the Call of Duty: Black Ops-Cold War will be integrated with the Call of Duty: Warzone has been launched shortly. COD:Black Ops

This blops has been launches on the November 13, but it does not become the part of the Warzone until it was become the part of it in December.

COD:Black Ops
COD:Black Ops

The first announcement was made by the Activison in the month of September that blops and the Warzone would have to work together.

All with the progression linked across the titles of it.

And also the post-launch updates was being free for all the users. The same Activison Mr. Rob Kostich give an interview and said that: All the Awesome new Black Ops Cold War weapons and.

Also the operators have to be unlock by the players from level 1 to 55 of progression.

Which will be usable in the Black Ops and also in the Warzone.

The key in this was that there is no gun gets has left behind.

As we inform you that the Battle Royal has been the massive success so far as the.

Kotick said that it was downloaded by more than 80 Millions time and the players give there time to it. The Activision this marks for approaching a new type of one-upmanship in the service games genre. The players can also now expected that the battle passes and also the new contents was a matter of the course.

Which was good and well. But, after tying it in the main COD entries the Activisions was giving the game a year to the thematic will be overhaul.

And it was very tough to complete.

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