Characters that no one really likes in Genshin Impact

Despite this, there are a few characters that Genshin Impact players couldn’t care less about. Genshin Impact features some of the most beautiful in-game visuals and offers deep backstories when it comes to the overall design of various characters. Characters that no one really likes in Genshin Impact

Characters that no one really likes in Genshin Impact


Paimon is a character that is also adored by a large part of the community.

Which always makes her a topic of discussion among Genshin Impact fans. Despite being one of the cutest characters in Genshin Impact.

Many players find Paimon’s talkative nature and habit of cutting people midway to be extremely annoying.


Kaeya’s interactions with the player can be outright hurtful at times, often lying to the player to make a point in Genshin Impact. Kaeya appeared as a cool character during his introduction in Genshin Impact.

Before showing his true side after assigning players with their first quest. The horrible experience that players undergo during their early interactions with Kaeya still leaves.

A bitter aftertaste in the player’s mind, though. However, as players continue to have further interactions with the character, Kaeya eventually becomes likeable.

Reckless Pallad

Reckless Pallad is known for showing up during random world events. Pallad’s appearance often means that the player will have to rescue the NPC from in-game foes like slimes and other creatures in Genshin Impact. If there is one character that the entire community of Genshin Impact dislikes, it’s Reckless Pallad. Although Pallad isn’t a villain or a foe.

This NPC in Genshin Impact often finds himself in sticky situations, which then causes the player to get side-tracked from their main quest.

The Traveler

Players are much more likely to pick a character they received from a wish or earned from the game over the Traveler in Genshin Impact. Compared to the other flashy characters in Genshin Impact, the main character often comes across as rather bland. Considering that most of the Traveler’s early interactions are with Paimon does not help either.

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