Characters in the Minecraft

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Characters in the Minecraft

There are many players among you who want to know about the best characters in the game-play. There are a lot of players who take a high position in the game and they were followed by many fans and the other players. So, here is top Characters in the Minecraft game-play, who was followed by the other players who must know about them.

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Gabriel the Warrior

The Gabriel was the best character and the member in the game of the Order of the Stone; this was the legendary warrior who played the final blow in the match which killed the Ender Dragon. This character was very self-proclaimed and good looking with his amazing combat skills. This character has never shies away from the tooting his own horn, this was the reasons why this was the best character in the Minecraft Story Mode.


Axel was the dependable which was needed by every hero.

In the game-play Axel has often the comic relief which make the hilarious comments which makes the players laugh. Above from this Axel was a true friend who cares about their friends rather than himself. The friendship between Axel and Jesse is definitely one of the best aspects about Minecraft Story Mode.


This characters starts off as being a part of the Ocelots.

This will give a good look and bitter rivals in the game-play. Lukas, however, starts off as being a coward but can quickly surprise you with his courage and peaceful demeanor.


This was the best and the main characters of the game in Minecraft Story Mode and these characters can control by the players very much. Jesse can be choosing either for male and female, the players can choose according to their appearance. The player can control the Jesse’s actions and the determinations how she or he would react.

To the specific situations going forward. Overall, Jesse is a hilarious and loveable character who is bound to feel connected with the players.

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