As if you are searching to buy a brand new watch which comes with classy look and good features, then this product may stand on your desires and might complete your wish also. This watch was recently reported in the list of smart watches, and the buyers eagerly wait for it.  Casio launches G-SHOCK watches

Casio launches G-SHOCK watches
Casio launches G-SHOCK watches

The Casio India has launched the G-SHOCK line of shock-resistant watches with freely interchangeable bands and bezels. The DWE-5600CC, the newest model of the 5600 series.

Inherits the square shape of the first G-SHOCK and comes with three types of replaceable bands and two bezels. The all-new watch is priced at Rs 11,995 and is available on Casio India’s online store.
While “From green resin bezel and band imprinted with the circuit board design to additional accessories like the matte black resin bezel.

Fabric Strap

A band imprinted with the numerals “3229” and a fabric strap with a luminescent and reflective finish in Black and White.

This G-shock is one of its kind,” claims the company. As well as the Hodinkee recently announced the release of Casio G-SHOCK Ref 6900 by John Mayer. Done in collaboration with the seven-time Grammy Award winning artist.

The G-SHOCK Ref 6900 by John Mayer was designed by the man himself. As well as this limited edition is inspired by the  Casiotone SK-5 sampling keyboard that Mayer played as growing up in Fairfield, CT.

The Casiotone SK-5 was instrumental in Mayer’s musical education and acts as the design catalyst for this timepiece. DWE-5600CC incorporates a newly developed slide lever for ease of detachment. While the bezel, which is ordinarily fixed to the case with screws.

Sports a new design secured by four small hooks made of carbon fiber. While the watch is the first 5600 series model to incorporate.

As well as the Carbon Core Guard structure with a carbon fiber case for shock resistance.



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