Call of Duty: Warzone drops nerf on the dominant DMR 14

As there would be many players who want to know about the recent updates regarding the game-play of Call of Duty: Warzone, this post is for those players. In this article, the players get to know about the  DMR-focused update, including a few changes to burst pistols and a fix for the latest infinite stim glitch. Every player would have to give them some minutes. Call of Duty

Call of Duty
Call of Duty

For the past month, single gun has dominated every Call of Duty: Warzone match. A patch last week aimed at lowering its popularity proved ineffective, but Raven Software is deploying a second DMR 14 nerf today. While the DMR 14, a weapon carried over from Black Ops – Cold War, quickly caught fire after releasing in Warzone thanks to its easily-managed recoil, forgiving damage range, and high fire rate.

DMR 14

  • Damage falloff ranges decreased: 55 damage before / 48 damage after 750 units (down 70% from 2500 units)
  • Bullet penetration reduced from sniper to AR
  • Field Agent Foregrip: Vertical recoil reduction decreased from 35% to 25%, horizontal recoil reduction increased from 35% to 30%
  • Recoil increased: Increased moderately for second and third bullet and increased slightly for subsequent bullets
  • Location damage multipliers adjusted: Headshot now does less than 100 damage after 750 units, lower torso reduced from 1.1 to 1.01 (~8%)
  • Front Grip: Vertical recoil reduction removed, horizontal recoil reduction increased from 20% to 30%

Challenges in the game-play

  • There would be fix seasonal challenges to be appear for the players, and the track was intended.

Infinite stim glitch

  • Player no longer gets infinite tactical equipment (Stim) when dropping their weapons while cooking a grenade


  • Gallantry (MAC 10): All stats updated to match base Mac-10

Burst pistol (Diamatti)

  • Max damage reduced from 45 to 40 (~11%)
  • Akimbo: All location damage multipliers set to 1



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