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Our sources from Activision have confirmed arrival of prop hunt again in the call of duty mobile prop hunt update. Latest news on Maps, features, props , hunters, scorestreaks etc. Similarly we have got many new updates related to call of duty mobile, hence we will discuss them here.

What to expect from Call of duty mobile prop hunt update.

Call of duty mobile prop hunt is going to be one of the a great fun events in CODM. In the latest community update of CODM team of developers are confirming the arrival of Prop Hunt mode. They are also trying to add some modifications to mode. They are also heading to add some more features to game like whistle blower, snow spray , snow balls, paper balls etc.

NEW FEATURES likely to be in prop hunt update.

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Features for prop players.

Prop players are getting many new features like snow balls, paper balls. They are basically ment for hitting hunters with and tease them. Developers might add some points or streaks on snow ball score that were hit to hunter. The streaks might be 5 balls for additional prop. Or quick run boost Depending on props choice.

Prop players are also getting some good advantage if they don’t move. As long as a prop remains on a same place over 60 second. Afterwards the prop will get some resistance for being shot or hunted. Props get a in mode exclusive decoy props to trick hunters. This can be effective to trick hunters to think a prop is nearby.

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Features for prop hunters / prop hunting players.

Prop hunter can get a best benefit from the new feature. This feature may not be showing up in update due to its overpowered usage. So they might add it or not. arrival of this feature is a big mystery.

So what is such mysterious feature. the new feature is offering hunters any of a streak. Streaks are like rc scout, or a scouing uav. Are effective area of this scout will be much less than actual scout. And this is done to balance tha game. whereas still it’s able to benefit the hunters to easily find the props. likewise by just using it hunters will easiy catch or eliminate the props.

And the another amazing feature is Hard wires. This amazing feature is offering a door or small passage block for props. This will block or put an obstacle for props. So where the features or streak will deploy from that specific area props can’t pass.

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Which maps are Available for prop hunt mode.

all of the maps containing Shipment, Cage , high-rise , cross fire, meltdown , firing range , take off , Raid. These maps will be getting a new look. Basically Dev’s are modifiing theses maps to increase hiding spaces. So, in this case it might be hard to find props. Props will be getting many options like snow balls, whistle etc for teasing or alerting Prop hunters.

The rumours on CODM : Prop hunt update.

As Call of Duty Prop Hunt, will be probably the best parts about past Call of Duty titles and put them all under one umbrell. similarly fans and global player community have seen a portion of their preferred things make an arrival. There will be an entire host of fan-most loved guides, weapons, and characters, yet on head of that, you likewise have modes. Modes like TDM (team death match ) , gun game , Hard point , domination , Capture the flag , search and destroy etc.

These game modes have the standard game rules one like Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, and Hardpoint. however there have additionally been restricted time modes to shake things up as well. One of the most mainstream LTMs has been Prop Hunt.

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What is Call of duty mobiles ” Prop Hunt ” mode ?

Generally, prop hunt mode is like hide and seek we play in childhood. Similarly the prop hunt also features same game rules for players. The game starts with 2 teams of players. Whereas the game will be separate into hide and seek so one team represent the hide part in presence of props.

To start this game the maps are also going through modifications accordingly. The call of duty mobile developers have created some algorithms. These algorithms spawns the objects on map which do look like props. For example, chair , gift box , cardboard box, stone , teddy bear , coke can , bush , dumb bell etc many things.

Indeed, that great mode where you appear as an item and attempt to outmaneuver adversaries in a round of find the stowaway has advanced toward CoD Mobile also. It hasn’t been seen for some time, however it will be returning in Season 9 update.

creative pavan call of duty mobile gameplay .

More new props to be add in call of duty mobiles new prop hunt update.

CoD Mobile Season 9 is live and there’s an entire store of new substance.

During their August 20 Community Update, the CoD Mobile devs inform , that their enormous Season 9 event. Finest Hour, is beginning on August 21 and from that point onward, there will be an entire host of mode changes that follow.

This incorporates Prop Hunt, as the well known constrained time mode will be returning on August 28. Up to that point, you can make a plunge and play Finest Hour, the new 10v10 mode, and Gungame Moshpit.

The devs have spread out the date for Prop Hunt’s arrival

There is no closure date record for Prop Hunt’s arrival. Similarly, at the same time, it most likely won’t keep going throughout the entire that at any rate, so CoD Mobile fans should appreciate its arrival.

On head of that, the Attack of the Undead constrained time mode will likewise be returning in Season 9. The devs haven’t given a delivery date for that at this time, thus, we’ll need to watch out for things as the season reveals.


The props hunt mode is going to be a fun and remembering event in the codm players. The last time prop hunt was added into CODM there was a huge response to the game. Almost 100k matches were played . And a shocking of 500k + players joined the codm during this event. But as there are many possibilities let’s see what happens in actual game. So season 9 of call of duty mobile is going to be a way ahead of any other update.


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