Call of duty powered by Garena Mobile Games

Call of Duty Mobile game was powered by Garena and it was the first ‘real’ game of the ‘Call of Duty’ saga for Android mobile phones.

You can also say that,it was just like Modern Warfare and the Black Ops.

This was multiplayer of FPS in every word, and this game allows players to fight from each other.

The Call of Duty Mobile Game was perfectly run and controlled by the touch-screen mobile phones.

You have to just use your left thumb to control the movements of the character and your right thumb was on the aim. If you did double click on the right side of the screen, you have to use the scope range in the game.

Like other mobile games the Android FPS, the weapons in the shoots your defender automatically.

Call of duty powered by Garena
Call of duty powered by Garena

One can also customize the control scheme easily from the options menu available in the game.

And you can use the ‘advanced mode, or allowing manual fire or hip fire from the game.

 The Call of Duty Mobile game has its two main modes in the game which players can use in the game.

These are the: ‘team death-match’ and ‘battle royal’. Both are popular modes of the games

in the franchise and they give you the challenge to face other players online.

Famous maps in Garena

The most famous maps in the game are Nuke town, Hijacked and Kill-house are

The Call of Duty Mobile game is an outstanding game that offers the players a multiplayer FPS experience for Android phones. This game has extraordinary visuals.

This game has many types of weapons and maps which make this Call of Duty so famous. The game of COD has targeted South Asia Markets.

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