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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 Update Patch Notes | Officially COD Season 3 Patch Notes

Full official Patch note and all the changes in Season 3 Update.

Battle Pass Season 3

  • Battle Pass Season 3 will start from January 2020 to February 2020.
  • New Premium and free Battle Pass Rewards!
  • Premium Battle Pass price has been lowered
  • Battle Pass tiers has been reduced to 50, high value content has remained
  • New Neon technology weapons only available for a limited time period, gorgeous neon special effects, join in Battle Pass exclusively!

Multiplayer Changes-

There will be new score streaks and operator skills this season. 

XS1 GOLIATH– It is a common Score streak in Call of Duty Series. It is available in 900 Score. You can Select XS1 GOLIATH (Juggernaut) and score 900 score in any multiplayer match without Dying the call for XS1 GOLIATH (Juggernaut) and destroy the Lobby. XS1 GOLIATH (Juggernaut) Comes with Heavy machine gun with unlimited ammo and Huge amount of health. You Can win a match easily if get XS1 GOLIATH (Juggernaut).

H.I.V.E. Operator Skill– It is a proximity mine trap gun. U Can Use this Gun to Launch Proximity Mine. When the Mine Triggers It Releases a Swarm of Nano Drones that will kill nearby enemies. Will Upload Gameplay on my channel soon.
Combat Axe- Combat Axe is now available. It is available in Lethal Slot. You Can throw this axe at your enemies and you retrieve it too. After Killing the enemy you can pick up the axe and use it kill other enemies.

Rapid Fire Mode

This brand-new fast paced limited time mode will be available for everyone to try on release! There is plenty to love with unlimited ammo, faster scorestreaks, and shorter operator skill cooldowns. Like all new modes, we will be on the look-out for any and all feedback to help us shape the future of the mode.|

New Map-

Scrapyard– Scrapyard is a classic recreation of the Modern Warfare 2 map will be available to all players today on release. You will be able to traverse and fight your way across this medium-size map on most Multiplayer modes and through both indoor and outdoor environments.
Cage– A brand-new map coming to COD: Mobile later on in the season. This map has a deceptively basic three-lane design with verticality, open lanes for sniping, and a mixture of close quarters & mid-range options. As we get closer to this releasing in-game we’ll share more shots of this map in future updates. Too Much fun in short period of time.

Battle Royale Mode

  • Time and space have distorted and will soon reveal a new battle area
  • New time-limited Battle Royale Mode:
    • 20v20 Mode
      • Fast-paced objective based mode that brings MP mechanics to Battle Royale
  • New vehicle:
    • 2-person motorcycle — perfect for high speed assaults and escapes
  • SMRS is removed in BR Sniper Challenge
  • New Battle Royale class coming soon

Improvements and Optimizations


  • TDM is now unlocked at level 3
  • Return of Takeoff and Raid MP maps
  • Fixed wall geometry on certain maps
  • Added warning and death for leaving combat zone
  • Increased damage taken from falls
  • Added mechanism of climbing down the ladder
  • SMRS has slightly reduced movement speed, lethal range, and damage to Scorestreak
  • Adjusted shooting stability of S36, reduce its performance in long distance
  • Slightly reduced recoil stability of Type 25 foregrip attachment
  • Slightly reduced recoil stability of AK117 foregrip attachment
  • Reduced MSMC magazine capacity to 25
  • Slightly increased recoil stability of ICR foregrip attachment
  • Increased recoil control of AK-47 and reduced vertical recoil degree
  • Increased firing stability and animations of LK24, ASM10 and HG40
  • Deploying Transform Shield releases a high-pressure air blast that affects incoming bullet trajectory
  • Gravity Spike gives temporary increased armor effect
  • Significantly reduced charge time of Gravity Spikes, and increased energy returned by skill
  • Increased energy usage of Sparrow Operator Skill
  • Improved both standard and fast grenade throwing and speed
  • Additional improvements

Battle Royale

  • Improved Shipment and Countdown location layouts
  • Improved sound effects in cold areas
  • Added additional strategic ziplines
  • Increased damage drop-off of SMRS rockets at longer distances
  • Reduced movement speed while actively using SMRS
  • Improved helicopter collision mechanics with environment
  • Airdrops always contain Level 3 body armor
  • Deploying Transform Shield releases a high-pressure air blast that affects incoming bullet trajectory
  • Additional improvements

System and Client

  • Slightly increased strength of controller aim assist on MP and BR
  • MP after action report UI improvements for final scores and team MVPs
  • Improved experience bonus from certain modes
  • Reporting cheaters may generate a follow up on actions taken
  • Fallen players can ping teammates to retrieve or use dog tags in BR
  • Primary and secondary weapons can be switched during match countdown
  • Improved quick team up option in lobby


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