Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 brings new game modes, weapons and maps

Battle Pass will grant players new unlockable items upon completing daily and weekly tasks in multiplayer matches. The new mode is expected to go live on January 19. There’s also the new Premium Pass which can be unlocked via COD points and offers exclusive contents like weapons and skins as well as the ability to gain more XP for quicker rank progression.

Season Three Battle Pass

The Battle Pass is a free tiered system that grants in-game items to unlock by completing daily and weekly tasks. The tasks can vary from earning specific medals in Battle Royale matches or using a specific weapon type in Multiplayer. 

In addition to the free tiered Battle Pass, there is also the Premium Pass which is unlocked with COD Points. The Premium Pass gives you the opportunity to earn more goods in a parallel tiered stream. Plus, the Premium Pass unlocks Elite Tasks which offer more ways to gain Battle and Premium Pass XP to progress through the tiers. 

This Season players can unlock and earn the Phantom in the Premium Pass which comes with its own set of Phantom Series rewards. 

Also, in the Premium Pass, for assault rifle players, the Type 25 Geometry camo is a futuristic looking camo that ups the style on this already robust weapon. 

More items are available in the Battle Pass and the Premium Pass including Weapon XP Cards, Weapon Skins, and Credits which can be used to purchase even more gear! 

More Maps for Multiplayer

The first of two new Multiplayer maps in Call of Duty: Mobile is Scrapyard, available on January 15. The map was first seen in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and returns in all of its glory, now in the palm of your hand. 

Scrapyard’s design and playstyle may be familiar for franchise veterans but now has its own tactics and strategies, unique to the mobile gaming experience. Play a variety of modes on this returning battleground and master the layout to help you take down your opponents and potentially be crowned match MVP. 




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