Call of Duty comparison with PUBG & Tencent Game

The PUBG Mobile Game is one of the most top-rated games and also the most popular game among users. Call of Duty comparison with PUBG

PUBG Mobile Game was known for the Battle Royale Game which has been a long dominated in the markets.

The game has especially had the mobile segment.

But, there is another game which gave PUBG a tough fight and that is the Call of Duty Mobile Game.

This game has emerged to be a worthy competitor. I’ll tell you the most interesting part of these two popular games; were the Ten-cent developer games.

Call of Duty comparison with PUBG
Call of Duty comparison with PUBG

There is a report which says that there has been about 148 millions download.

Of the Call of Duty game by the players, and this ratio has been made in the first month of the release.

The Call of Duty game was more than the combined download of Fortnite and the PUBG.  

The Fortnite Game was downloaded 35 million times by the players and the PUBG Game has reached the number of 60.7 million times.

This data has shown clearly that the number of players of Call of Duty was more than the numbers of PUBG or Fortnite.

By the people’s craze for the Call of Duty Game, the game has made $52.9 million in the first month as its revenue.

And on the other hand, PUBG has made only $3.5 million in the first month as revenue.

In fact, it was also mentioned that the Call of Duty review that how the Tencent Games and the TiMi Studios has improved their formula for the Royale battle matches.

The PUBG Mobile Corp has behind the company seems the notice taken for its user feedback.  The Call of Duty game has gained more popularity in comparison to PUBG or the Tencent Game.  

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