Build a house in the game of Valheim

The design and outlay can take shape as the player sees fit. This means that the number of resources required to construct a house in Valheim also varies according to the design that the player has in mind. Houses in Valheim are only limited by a player’s imagination. Build a house in the game of Valheim

Build a house in the game of Valheim

Some of the common resources that are essential for building a safe haven in Valheim include:

  • Fine Wood
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Core Wood

Constructing additional items will require players to collect extra resources as well. Players can decorate the interior of their house with utilities like a cooking rack, beds, chests, and bonfires.

Constructing a house in Valheim

There is no specific amount of resources that the player will require for their house. Players need to find a clearing without any obstacles.

Or clear the obstacles in the vicinity to create an open area. Players are advised to collect a substantial amount of resources before they begin construction. Clearing obstacles in the area helps players collect additional resources in Valheim. In case players find themselves falling short of resources, they can always harvest from nearby trees and stones.

Some additional guidelines that players should remember before constructing a house in Valheim are:

  • Players are advised to plan the foundation accordingly. Similar to the real world, players must build a foundation for their house. This basic foundation determines the overall layout of the house. Once the foundation has been laid, players will need to place accurate tiles for their house. When placing tiles, players should definitely leave space for ventilation. In case the player chooses to place a source of smoke inside the house.
  • Proper ventilation is the only way to prevent the player from suffocating. This is necessary as placing the appropriate wall, floor.
  • And roof tile in their respective locations allows the house to withstand wind, weather, and other adversities in Valheim.



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