Booyah Free Fire Helmet: New Booyah Event Get Free Rewards

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There are nearly two days till the major day of the mega booyah Free Fire event, that will take place on the 24th and will have many free rewards in the free fire.

We will inform you everything, the main events that arrive on the 24th and what are the free rewards .

For now, we will disclose a new event that will provide you a free unisex helmet .

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The Booyah Free fire Helmet hides a helmet and mask, covers the face totally and the hair turns into Rastafarian, in addition to being unisex, sensational.

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The duration of the event that will provide the booyah helmet and weapon tickets, will be from 10/28 to 11/1, therefore, 4 days of event .

To get the helmet and / or tickets, you need the Black Booyah token .

The Black Booyah token is got from opponent loot boxes that you eliminate in matches.

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So simply play games, eliminate opponents, redeem the black booyah token in the loot boxes and then exchange for the event rewards.

So some distance we only be aware of that there will be a weapon ticket and a booyah helmet, however, it is very likely that the event may additionally have different rewards.

The Free Fire Game has become the multi-player game and has still popular among the peoples since three years after the release. The game in the second quarter of 2020. purchase a diamond in the Free Fire

Steps for the purchase diamonds in free fire:

  • First, you have to visit the official website of Codashop in the game.
  • The next option has to select the ‘Free Fire’ option from the game. You will see that there are various top-ups will appear on the screen of the game.
  • Click on the number of diamonds that you want to purchase in the game. Next, you have to make the payment, after making a successful payment; the diamonds will be added to your account in the game.
  • After these processes, the diamonds will be added in your account and you can use the diamonds for the purchase of any. Character, gun, or for pets also.

Download free fire from here in your PC or mobile : click here



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