BGMS Season 2 League Stage Recap: Grand Finals Contenders Emerge Amidst Intense Battles

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The Super Weekend 2 of BGMS Season 2 has concluded, setting the stage for an stimulating climax to the event. As the dust settles on this thrilling phase, the overall standings of the League Stage have been solidified, unveiling the frontrunners who have earned their spots in the Grand Tests and Playoffs. In this gripping esports saga, brigades battled relentlessly, leaving suckers and judges likewise in admiration of their prowess and strategies.


The capstone of the Super Weekend 2 not only marked the end of an exhilarating phase but also sealed the fate of the 24 contending brigades. These outfits had been lifelessly seeking for dominance since the Launch Week, and their accretive points from the Launch Week and Super Weekends have determined their positions in the League Stage standings. While the top four brigades secured coveted direct places in the Grand Tests, those ranked fifth to twentieth have advanced to the violent Playoffs stage, fighting for their chance at glory.

Regrettably, for the brigades placed twenty-first to twenty- fourth, their trip in BGMI Masters Series 2023 comes to an end. These four brigades, videlicet Revenant Esports, Team GodLike, SPY Esports, and True Rippers, battled courageously but eventually could not secure their positions among the nobility. still, they didn’t leave empty- handed, as each of these brigades entered a respectable ₹ 1 lakh in prize plutocrat.

The forthcoming two- day Playoffs, listed for August 22nd and 23rd, promise high- octane action as 16 brigades lock cornucopias to secure the remaining twelve seats in the Grand Tests. With the stakes at an each- time high, each platoon’s strategies, collaboration, and individual brilliance will be put to the ultimate test. The intensity of the competition is bound to escalate as these brigades leave no gravestone unturned to secure their spots in the prestigious Grand Tests.

Grand Tests Qualifiers A regard of Excellence BGMS

Among the nobility, four brigades have showcased unequaled mastery and earned their direct passage to the Grand Tests. Blind Esports , led by Manya, stole the limelight by beating the League Stage standings with a remarkable 277 points. Their exceptional performance on the final day of Super Weekend 2 cemented their position as the crème de la crème of the event. Following nearly, Team Insane displayed a masterful show of chops, securing the alternate spot with an emotional 261 points. These brigades have proven their mettle and are poised to deliver admiration- inspiring performances in the Grand Tests.

Playoffs Contenders The Battle Rages On 

While the Grand Tests await, the Playoffs are set to deliver further excitement and drama. Sixteen brigades, including pugilists Esports, Enigma Gaming, Mecal Esports, Orangutan, Gods Reign, Team 8Bit, Team Soul, Numen Gaming, Entity Gaming, OR Esports, WSB Gaming, Chemin Esports, Team XSpark, Velocity Gaming, Oneblade, and Lucknow titans, have secured their spots in this pivotal stage. With only twelve places available in the Grand Tests, these brigades will engage in fierce battles, each seeking to crop victorious and secure a shot at crown glory.

Challenges and Triumphs League Stage Unfolded

The League Stage was a comber- coaster lift of challenges and triumphs for numerous brigades. Team Soul, which had originally demonstrated strong eventuality, saw their performance dip during Super Weekend 2, sliding down to the eleventh spot. Meanwhile, Entity Gaming and WSB Gaming, originally unfit to qualify for the opening Super Weekend, displayed adaptability and finished in thirteenth and fifteenth positions independently, showcasing their determination to contend with the stylish.

On the other end of the diapason, seasoned brigades like Revenant Esports and Team GodLike faced unanticipated lapses, landing at the twenty-first and twenty-alternate positions in the overall standings. Their experience could not shield them from the fierce competition, eventually leaving them without a place in the Super Weekends.

As the BGMS Season 2 heads towards its climax, the battles are set to come indeed more violent. The Grand Tests and Playoffs promise moments of brilliance, heart- stopping clashes, and the emergence of true esports titleholders. With the esports community eagerly anticipating the coming phases, one thing is certain BGMS Season 2 is delivering on its pledge of immersing competition and raising the bar for excellence in the esports arena.

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