BGMI Reveals Princess Guard Crate

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A new Princess Guard Crate has been released by Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), which contains discounted versions of exclusive in-game skins and other items. Players will eventually have access to multiple openings for crates, but you can currently take your first one. If you have any extra UC to spend, you may want to buy the first crate while there is a discount of 70% available.

BGMI Princess Guard Crate

Currently available at a discount of up to 70% is the first crate opening. Players can take advantage of this limited-time promotion by purchasing the first Princess Guard Crate for only 18 UC, a significant discount from the original cost of 60 UC. In addition, players have the choice of opening the crate 10 times for 540 UC less.

As part of the set, you can receive rewards like:

  • Slayer Bear Head
  • Green Soldier Set
  • Red Soldier Set
  • Crescent Princess Set

UC costs greatly vary depending on the platform you’re using. On Android, 60 UC costs INR 75, while INR 89 gets you the same bundle on iOS. Even on iOS, the first Princess Guard Crate will only set you back less than INR 30, but subsequent crates will cost significantly more.

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