BGMI Mirror World Mode Tips & Tricks

After the BGMI 1.7 update, a new themed mode has been introduced that is Mirror World mode, in which new characters and weapons has been added. This mode is a collaboration with Arcane and some of their popular characters has been added.

It is not only limited to characters and weapons, but also has introduced some free rewards for playing in this mode. In this update, Krafton has also promised to put extra effort on managing the security system. Erangel, Sanhok, and Livik all these three maps have got this mode.

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BGMI Mirror Mode Tips & Tricks

Here are the three effective tips & tricks for BGMI Mirror Mode that you can apply to win the game.

  1. Land On Flying Island: After the introduction of Mirror Mode, flying island has become the hot drop location in BGMI in almost all the three maps. The reason for its popularity is high loot in min time, which are just amazing for initial fights. If you are a quick action taker, this drop location is going to be just amazing.

    If you get defeated at the flying Island you will be sent to the ground and survive till the end, you can also jump by yourself without fighting with anyone. So put all your effort and fight with max abilities.
  2. Use Weapons Properly: In this update Arcane characters has been added with special abilities, and they have some amazing weapons which will help you to win the battle easily. When a player is involved in a fight, they may use the riot shield for cover or to heal themselves as per the situation.

    At Mirror Island, blue crystals is an important item that a player can equip as it can be used to summon a supply drop when you need some supplies (Ammo, Meds, Weapons, Attachments, etc).
  3. Get Opponents At Mirror World Portal: You see the in Mirror World opens after a certain period of time at a fixed location, so you can keep an eye on that location to get maximum finishes as most of the players travels through that location.

These are the 3 best tips and tricks for BGMI Mirror Mode that you can use for chicken dinner with minimum efforts. In case you have any query about it, please let me know about it in the below comments, and we will try to resolve your query as soon as possible.

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