Purchase BGMI UC From Codashop – Battlegrounds Mobile India Official UC Purchase Website

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Battlegrounds Mobile India has done a collaboration with Codashop one of the most trusted platforms to Purchase BGMI UC in-game currency at the cheapest price and this is the complete tutorial on how to Purchase BGMI UC From Codashop.

From the beginning, many players were looking for a website to top-up UC cheaply, and here it is. Here you will be getting more UC for the same prize without spending extra money or paying anyone else.

Codashop BGMI UC Price

PriceUCFree UCTotal UC
Rs 7560 UC666 UC
Rs 380300 UC55 UC355 UC
Rs 750600 UC120 UC720 UC
Rs 1,9001500 UC450 UC1950 UC
Rs 3,8003000 UC1150 UC4150 UC
Rs 7,5006000 UC2700 UC8700 UC

How to Purchase BGMI UC?

Step 1: Go to the Official Website of Codashop

Purchase BGMI UC From Codashop

Step 2: Enter your BGMI Character ID
Step 3: Choose a Top-Up pack
Step 4: Select a payment method
Step 5: Enter the email to receive the payment receipt (optional)
Step 6: Complete the payment

After completing the payment, the UC will be transferred to your in-game wallet. Open the game app and check it out to make sure that you have received the unknown cash you paid for.

Note: If UC is not credited to your BGMI account, please clear your mobile cache and restart the game.

It now provides a 10% discount with a cashback of up to Rs. 750 if you purchase through Paytm.

As this is the newly introduced website to purchase UC, there are some exciting offers for a few days.

Top up before October 13th and receive bonus UC as follows:

  • Pay for 60 UC, receive 60 UC + 6 Bonus UC
  • Pay for 300 UC, receive 300 UC + 55 Bonus UC
  • Pay for 600 UC, receive 600 UC + 120 Bonus UC
  • Pay for 1500 UC, receive 1500 UC + 450 Bonus UC
  • Pay for 3000 UC, receive 3000 UC + 1150 Bonus UC
  • Pay for 6000 UC, receive 6000 UC + 2700 Bonus UC

Purchase BGMI UC Through ID Full Video

This is the complete guide and step-by-step tutorial for purchasing UC in BGMI at Codashop at a cheap price. If you are facing any issues while making payments or buying UC, please report the issue with a screenshot to Codashop’s official sources.

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