BGMI C1S2 M3 & M4 Royale Pass Leaks, Tier Rewards & Purchase Bonus

Currently, the PUBG Mobile 1.6 beta version is going on for 20,000 users in which they can experience what is going to come in the final update. So in this article, I will be sharing all the upcoming Royale Pass Leaks, Tier Rewards, Purchase Bonus, and much more.

C1S2 might take a bit longer to get released but their rewards have been announced unofficially on different sources. In this season most of the items are food-related and are of yellow color, but it looks beautiful.

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C1S2 Tier Rewards

In the C1S2 Tier rewards, we will be getting a C1S2 Cover, players will also be getting a new outfit for C1S2 and by reaching Ace it will reward a parachute. In the end, we will also receive a skin of Groza. The picture of these items are not with us but they will be updated very soon.

  • C1S2 Cover
  • C1S2 Set
  • C1S2 Ace Parachute
  • C1S2 Groza


In the earlier season, Krafton collaborated with Tesla and Maclaren and now they are collaborating with Koenigsegg. It is also a very premium 4-wheeler car. The name of this car is Koenigsegg Gamera there is a probability that its skin color might be of rainbow color.

Golden Earl – Vector

The new gun skin of Vector called Golden Earlis coming after the new gun skin of AKM. A new pirate skin of AKM has arrived and it will also be similar to this.

C1S2 Purchase Bonus

In this purchase bonus, we might get a girl outfit with a headgear with it whose hairstyle will be of very unique style. This item will be available only in next season’s purchase bonus because this season the time has already passed. So we have to wait till the new season arrives.


C1S2 M3 Outfit

A new outfit is coming to the game is related to junk food. In the outfit, the head of the character is full of french fried and has a happy face smile that looks very cute. So we can make the assumption that the M3 gun skin and backpack skin will be related to food items.


C1S2 M4 Outfit

In the M4 RP50, we will be getting another outfit that looks of a robotic type. In this update, we might see a new skin of Mini14 because the picture of the character that we have got is holding Mini14 with new skin. A picture of it is shared below.


Along with all these items, there are more items that will be available in the next season update. If you want to see all the rewards in detail you can watch the below video by clicking on the button.

If you have any queries regarding this update please drop them in the below comments and don’t forget to share this article with your squad members.

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