BGMI 2.3 APK Download (Battlegrounds Mobile India)

Hey, what’s up guys I hope you guys all are good and playing your favorite Battleground mobile India game on your Android phone. Now ready for the upcoming version of BGMI 2.3 game. The new version (BGMI 2.3) will be launch on 14 July , 2022. You will be able to download or install or update the latest version of battlegrounds mobile India from Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and as well as from our website.Fitness, physical training, nutrition and health: the balance in bodybuilding buy superdrol bodybuilding and gymnastics – equipment and apparatus russia moscow region company.

Our Creative Pawan team always tries to provide you early access to the latest BGMI & PUBG APK. Here is the same, on this page you will be going to download the BGMI 2.3.0 APK file before the official update.

Before downloading the APK file, I have something to tell you about the latest version, what’s new in the game, how you will find out about them, and many other things.


in order to download the BGMI apk latest version, you need at least 4GB ram and 6 GB internal storage in your smartphone device. You don’t have to uninstall the previous version of BGMI, You can install the latest version over that already installed game. you will not lose any data and your BGMI game will be updated to the latest version. simply follow our guidance and download BGM apk 2.2.0 version and install it on your device.

Battlegrounds Mobile India

BGMI is the Indian version of the PUBG Mobile game. In late 2019 Indian government announced that due to National Security issues they ban hundreds of Chinese applications including PUBG mobile game also. later that in 2021 Krafton, INC announced the Indian version of PUBG mobile game name Battleground mobile India in short BGMI.

Lots of changes in the new battlegrounds mobile India game, all data will be host in the Indian data center, you cannot add friends from global service, you cannot select any other server except India, no more regular Royal pass, UC price is now higher than ever. Special events are based on Indian festivals and cultures, and lots of new things in the Indian PUBG mobile game.

The good news is you can still migrate your old pubg account data to the new Battleground mobile India account through Facebook and Twitter. we already published a detailed article about how to migrate from PUBG global to BGMI account.

Download BGMI APK for Android

I know you are waiting for downloading the BGMI Apk Latest Version. You can update it through Google Play Store and the app store, but if you are facing issues from those two Ways then try this method. below I have shared the download link of BGMI APK latest version 2.3, simply download from those links and Install it manually.

NameBattlegrounds Mobile India Apk
File Size557Mb
PublisherKrafton, INC.
SupportsAndroid 5.0 & Up
UpdatedNovember 2022


What is BGMI?

BGMI is the Indian version of the PUBG Mobile game.

BGMI 2.3 Release Date

New Version 2.3 update not yet confirmed

How to Update BGMI Game?

Simply Download the Latest APK File from our website and install it.

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