BGMI 4X & 6X Sensitivity Settings For M416

M416 is the most famous gun in BGMI and almost everyone loves to pick up. But it can be used effectively only when ideal sensitivity settings are applied. But for spraying with M416, you either have to be a pro player or set up the best sensitivity settings of M416 for 4X and 6X.

M416 is an assault rifle that uses 5.56 mm ammo and well known for amazing spray with 6X scope. It is the finest weapon for close and mid-range combat. But you will need lots of practice and suitable sensitivity settings to master this weapon. You can use this as primary weapon during the whole match, and I’m sure it will never let you down.

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BGMI 4X & 6X Sensitivity Settings For M416

BGMI 4X & 6X Sensitivity Settings For M416

Follow the below sensitivity settings for M416 with 4X and 6X scope:

Setting4X Scope6X Scope
Gyro ADS275%130%

In long range combat gyroscope sensitivity is going to very much helpful and for long range you can use the above Gyro settings for BGMI M416.

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These are the best BGMI 4X & 6X Sensitivity Settings For M416. You can apply these settings in your game to improve your gameplay. I’m sure this will help you to spray at long range with maximum accuracy.

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