BGIS 2023: Trailer, Increased Prize Pool, and Exciting Updates Revealed

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Krafton, the creator of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), has unveiled the much-anticipated trailer for the second edition of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS 2023). With registrations set to open soon, this open-to-all esports contest is generating immense excitement among players and organizations. Alongside the trailer, Krafton announced a significant increase in the prize pool, making the competition even more intense and attractive. In addition, the official scrims, known as The Grind, are scheduled to begin on July 20, providing a practice platform for experienced Indian teams. Let’s delve into the details of BGIS 2023 and the changes within the competitive scene.

Increased Prize Pool and Trailer:

The BGIS 2023 trailer, released by Krafton, serves as a thrilling glimpse into the upcoming season. Clocking in at 68 seconds, the trailer highlights the grandeur of the event, leaving players and fans eager for the competition to kick off. Additionally, Krafton revealed that the prize pool for BGIS 2023 has been doubled compared to the previous edition, offering a staggering INR 2,00,00,000 (approximately $243,000). This significant boost in prize money is sure to intensify the battle among participants, attracting more players and spectators alike.

The Grind and Invited Teams:

Prior to the official tournaments, Krafton organizes The Grind, a practice competition exclusively for experienced Indian teams. The Grind serves as a valuable opportunity for these teams to gain confidence and establish their rhythm before the grand competitions commence. However, the list of invited teams for The Grind 2023 is yet to be unveiled, heightening the anticipation among teams and followers of the esports scene.

Registration and Tournament Structure:

The registration process for BGIS 2023 will be similar to the first edition, taking place on the official esports website of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Interested participants can register their teams by providing essential information such as squad members’ names and in-game IDs. The competition will be divided into various stages, including in-game qualifiers, semifinals, and the Grand Finale. Notably, several renowned Indian organizations will receive direct invites during the later stages of the tournament, further intensifying the competition.

Reshuffling of Teams:

Following the one-year ban on BGMI, several teams have made changes to their squads and are now fervently preparing for BGIS 2023. Skylightz Gaming, the champions of BGIS 2021, have bid farewell to their victorious lineup. Similarly, TSM India, the runner-up team, currently does not have a roster in the game. However, their former squad has joined Gods Reign and aims to replicate their past success in this edition.

With the release of the BGIS 2023 trailer and the announcement of an increased prize pool, Krafton has set the stage for India’s biggest grassroots esports event. The competition promises fierce battles, attracting top-tier talent from across the country. As the official scrims, The Grind, prepare to commence, experienced teams have an opportunity to fine-tune their strategies. With registrations soon to open, aspiring participants should gear up to embark on their journey towards esports glory. BGIS 2023 is poised to captivate players and fans alike, showcasing the best of Indian esports talent in an exciting and competitive atmosphere.

BGIS 2023

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