Best Xingqiu support in Genshin Impact builds for Pyro and Electro DPS

In Genshin Impact, Xingqiu is arguably one of the best support characters. Building him correctly can support every kind of DPS and sub DPS characters in close and mid-ranged combats. Here’s a look at the best Xingqiu build in Genshin Impact to get the most out of his top tier support abilities. Pyro and Electro DPS

Pyro and Electro DPS
Pyro and Electro DPS

Xiangqi in Genshin Impact

Xingqiu is a Hydro elemental damage dealer and has a transferrable elemental skill and burst. 

Xingqiu’s elemental skill, “Guhua Sword – Fatal Rain screen,” strikes twice, dealing with hydro damage, thus reducing incoming damage and recovering HP. While normal attacks will trigger sword rain attacks that deal 7200% of the attack as hydro damage over time. These transferrable hydro damage skill and burst powers help deal exponentially-high damage by triggering elemental reactions. It means they will carry over to the party members upon switching characters during combat. The burst is transferrable to all party members, making Xingqiu one of the best support characters. Xingqiu’s elemental burst, “Guhua sword – Rain Cutter.” initiates ‘Rainbow Bladework.’ 

Main DPS: Electro

It’s recommended to use the 4 piece Thundersoother or Noblesse Oblige for the extra 35% DMG.

Against electro affected enemies or 20% additional burst damage. When paired with an Electro damage-dealing DPS such as Keqing, Fischl, or Razor, Xingqiu can trigger an electro-charged elemental reaction, dealing 200% damage over time.

Main DPS: Pyro

As well as it’s recommended to use a 4 Piece Lavawalker artifact set to deal extra 35% damage to pyro affected enemies. When paired with a Pyro damage-dealing DPS such as Diluc or Klee.

Xingqiu can trigger Vaporize elemental reaction, dealing 200% total damage. While the priority of main stats on artifacts should be HP > ATK > Energy Recharge > Hydro Damage > CRIT DMG. Priority for upgrading talents should be Guhua Sword-Fatal Rain screen > Guhua Sword-Fatal Raincutter > Normal attack.



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