Best Villagers based on their trades in Minecraft

This post was regarding the Best Villagers based on their trades in Minecraft. Depending on their job, villagers will offer various types of trades. Players can find villagers in almost all biomes in Minecraft, including desert and snowy tundra. If you are a player of Minecraft, then this article will surely help you guys to enhance your gameplay.

Best Villagers based on their trades in Minecraft


There is also a chance to get diamond hoe trade at the journeyman level. An unemployed village turns into a toolsmith by taking the job at a smithing table. At the apprentice level, this guy will trade emeralds for iron. Players can buy an enchanted diamond pickaxe, ax and shovel for emeralds. The best trade unlocks at the Expert and Master level. As the name suggests, toolsmith trades various tools and tool-related items.


Place a lecture in front of a villager. All it needs is just one lecturn and an unemployed villager to get any enchanted book in Minecraft. Buy lots of bookshelves at one emerald each. Break them to get three books and sell them for one emerald. Check his trades and see whether there is a good enchantment book like mending or not. This method requires librarians who sell bookshelves and buy books. If it isn’t there, break the lecturn and place it again. Players can also farm emeralds by selling ink sacs and books to the librarian. There is a simple trading glitch that players can exploit. Easy infinite emeralds with 300% profit every time.


The Weaponsmith is the best source of diamond weaponry in the game. Weaponsmith works on a grindstone and does dealings related to weapons in Minecraft. By zombifying the villagers and curing them, players can reduce the prices to one emerald for each item. At the Master Trade level, players can buy an enchanted diamond sword and ax from him.

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