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Best Towny servers in Minecraft

The towny servers in the game of Minecraft allow the gamers to claim the land piece in the gaming world to develop their own town in the game. Features and gameplay vary drastically between towny servers. The best such servers often offer a wide array of in-depth town customization options. They can also recruit others to live in their towns once built, provided the town mayor approves. Minecraft towny servers allow players to claim pieces of land in the world to develop their own towns. Towny servers in Minecraft

Towny servers in Minecraft
Towny servers in Minecraft

This list explores the best towny servers for Minecraft currently, all with unique and custom features.


Here, players can build real life towns on a Minecraft map of the actual earth. After creating a town, players can engage in geopolitics with other towns (called “Nations” on the server).The popular Minecraft network “Datblock” currently operates a successful towny server dubbed “Datearth,” which implements the mindboggling concept of bringing the real-life earth to a Minecraft server.

It’s an insanely fun and wildly creative spin on the primary towny game mode.


CubedMC is a slightly more refined Minecraft towny experience directed towards a more mature audience of experienced towny players. CubedMC also offers many mechanics to support in-depth town role play elements, such as jobs, reputation, ranks, and levels. It isn’t as big player base-wise as some of the other servers listed here. However, this will be a good thing for those looking for a more peaceful experience. It should also be noted the server is currently on version 1.16.


The server supports Minecraft java versions 1.7-1.16, so players are free to play on any version. Mox MC is a hugely fun and unique towny server. While the several features push it ahead of its competition, with one of the most impressive ones being the vast array of custom building types that can be set within the town.



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