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Best Sword and Shield in Water Pokémon PC Game

Water-type Pokémon are the most common and some of the most powerful in Sword and Shield. While there is plenty of water to catch water-type Pokémon. Sword and Shield allow players to fish or run into certain creatures above the water. Water Pokémon PC Game

Water Pokémon PC Game
Water Pokémon PC Game


Mitotic has always been a powerhouse water type Pokémon and has not been downgraded whatsoever in Sword and Shield. The Mitotic evolves from Feebas (caught with a fishing rod) or can be found swimming in the various bodies of water in the Wild Area. While it’s stalling defensive tactics are wonderful in competitive and for those needing a moment to heal their team in the main story.


This is one of Sword and Shield’s fossil Pokémon, holding a water and dragon typing. When it comes to new Pokémon in Sword and Shield, Dracovish needs to be given a try. While Dracovish learns one of the most powerful attacks in the game, known as Fishiest Rend. Dracovish is just plain brutal. It is ugly, weird, and deadly. It can be a one-hit KO in a variety of battle situations.


It is one of the most powerful and most popular water-type Pokémon of all time. As well as for those looking to dominate the main story, Granados is perfect choice for the team. Much like Mitotic, Granados can be evolved from lowly Magikarp or be found within the Wild Area. It never hurts to have this intimidating creature start off a battle.


It is one of the best water starters seen in some time. The thing about Inteleon is that it’s ability, Sniper, coupled with its signature move, and maybe a Scope Lens, means that critical hits are very common. Inteleon is the final evolution of Pokémon Sword and Shield’s water type starter, Cobble. Now, it can Gigantamax, but when the game first arrived, it truly didn’t need it. While a Dynamax version was enough.



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