best stylish names in free fire

Free Fire has to gain popularity from when it was released at the time of three years ago.  The main reason behind the massive growth and popularity was the decision of the developers’ and it was the time to time updates in the game. stylish names in free fire

 The players were requires to set the IGN at the time when they register themselves to play the Free Fire game.  There are many users look for the names which will make the player different from the crowd as opposed to the basic IGN.

These are the most interesting and the top fancy names for the Free Fire in 2020:

stylish names in free fire
stylish names in free fire

This is the list of names of fancy names that players use in the Garena Free Fire:

#1 ᴋɪʟʟᴇʀ

#2 ĐàŔk




#6 ℓєgєи∂

#10 αXҽ

#11 sυℓтαη

#12 ₩₳ɌɌƗØɌ

#15 [Wølf]

#16 Gaмeᗝυer


#19 ᙡ༏ᵶ𝖆𝝘d

#20 ɗɘvɩɭ

#21 zєяσ

#22 Youя DΣΛ𝐓𝐇

#23 ░K░I░N░G░

#24 ✰мя.DON✰

#25 ƵΞĐ

#26 ƒµя¥


#28 mᎬᎶᎪ

#29 ȼµяɨ๏

 The players of the game were using many websites like the, and for the generation of stylish symbols and the fonts in their names because the regular keyboards does not contains these stylish names and fonts.

How to change your name in the game of Free Fire

Follow the given steps to change your name in Free Fire:

Step 1: Open the Free Fire game, click on the profile banner available on the top-left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Click on the ‘name change’ icon located just below the current IGN in “yellow”.

Step 3: A dialog box appear, which was asking to enter the new name. 

Step 4: Paste the name in the text field and click the button just below it.



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