Best starter Pokemon who can run solo

In this post, we are going to tell you guys about the Best starter Pokemon who can run solo, if you are a Pokemon player. Then you surely like this article.

Best starter Pokemon who can run solo


The Rock-type gym can be easily overcome simply by overpowering the gym leader’s two ancient Pokemon with Braixen’s Psychic-type moves. While Primarina is certainly not a physical attacker, the power of an itemless Acrobatics in combination with doing 4x damage to Lurantis should be enough to eke out a victory with some good RNG or some extra grinding. However, the rival’s water starter will be a major hurdle to overcome in Shalour City.

Which is before Delphox can learn Grass Knot, Solar Beam, or Dazzling Gleam. The best bet in this fight is to take advantage of the fact that Fragadier is not yet a Dark-type and overpower it with Delphox’s Psybeam.

Or if Delphox has reached level 38, then Psyshock.


Generation VIII is by far the easiest Generation to solo. Out of the three Galar starters, Sobble is the one that requires the least EXP candies to start to sweep up the Galar region. Without another party member to swap out to (since Generation VIII doesn’t have HMs, the player doesn’t need any HM Pokemon).

U-Turn is simply a Bug-type move and completely fine to use in a solo challenge. At level 30, just 10 levels above the first gym’s highest-level Pokemon, Sobble (then Drizzile) will learn U-turn.  U-Turn allows for a laughable fight against Milo.


Mudkip has the easiest time out of any starter Pokemon based purely on its own merits. However, with a few X-Attacks used while stalling against the rival’s Wailmer.

Marshtomp will likely be able to stomp Grovyle into the dust with a Mud Shot. A rival battle underneath the bike underpass will be the most challenging fight of the game.

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