The skyblock game mode has remained one of the most popular ones among Minecrafters for several years. However, servers have evolved the game mode significantly via modern and extremely efficient server-side plugins. This has allowed for some seriously cool and fresh gameplay features. Best skyblock servers in Minecraft

Best skyblock servers in Minecraft
Best skyblock servers in Minecraft


Mox MC is an example of a great classic skyblock server modernized to compete in 2021. Mox MC has hundreds, if not thousands.

Of players online at all times, each with their own skyblock island that others can visit at any time. The server is perfect for players searching for a somewhat simple and familiar gameplay style.

That is easy to learn and get into. What makes Mox MC so great is that players can take whatever path they want with their island from the beginning.

Hypixel IP:

The Hypixel skyblock is the most popular Minecraft server on this list by a long margin. Hypixel has also partnered with many of the largest Minecraft content creators to record and promote its coveted skyblock game mode, including Technoblade, Nullzee, and TommyInnit, to name a few. While the skyblock part of the goliath Hypixel network boasts tens of thousands of players online at all times of the day. The economy is also a big part of the server, and players can make money via farming on their island, trading items, completing quests, fighting boss battles, and much more. In terms of actual gameplay features, hypixel skyblock is second to none. Mechanics are heavily progression-based, and players are encouraged to choose their own paths by leveling up certain skills.

ExtremeCraft IP:

The Extremecraft has developed several unique modifications and additions to the default skyblock gamemode to make the experience more enjoyable for players. While ExtremeCraft is a fantastic Minecraft hub server offering several game modes, including a top quality skyblock server. Some of these features include a server-wide item auction system, island teams, vote parties, crate keys, and PvP events.



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