This article is for the lovers of Minecraft game, as the players will get to know about the best beautiful landscape seeds in the game-paly. beautiful landscapes in Minecraft

beautiful landscapes in Minecraft
beautiful landscapes in Minecraft

Shattered Savanna filled with flowers

This Minecraft seed features a peaceful shattered savanna that is filled to the brim with trees and flowers. At the end of the day, simplicity contains its own version of beauty. Players can explore each and every mountain side and every nook and cranny of this epic landscape. There are multiple spots that are almost begging to have a home built on them.

Cords: -2573, 87, 3731

Platform: Bedrock

Seed: -1039306446

Massive Shattered Savanna with a Village

Overall, this Minecraft seed would be perfect for enthusiasts of geology and unique seeds. Players can explore this village in order to acquire some easy loot, and to learn firsthand how tricky it is to climb this colossal mountain. Players may be hard pressed to find something else that is similar to this natural formation. This shattered savanna is unique and stunning, with a village sprawling up and down the cliffs of this mountain. The rock formation that is dangling from the highest cliff of this mountain is also distinctive.

Cords: 1430, 139, -411

Platform: Bedrock

Seed: -1788023684

Winter Meets Summer

Looking at this landscape from a top down perspective, players can see just how truly unique this area is. Winter clashes with summer in this Minecraft seed, as players can find a small pocket of warmth in the middle of a snow filled biome. This could be an exceptional seed for builders to transform and use as a canvas. Sure this seed may be a touch broken, but as a result, players get to enjoy something quite breathtaking. Fans of winter themed Minecraft seeds can find more.

Cords: 762, 64, -472

Platform: Bedrock

Seed: -364327432


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