Best seeds for deserts in Minecraft

This article was regarding Best seeds for deserts in Minecraft, in the game-play.

Best seeds for deserts in Minecraft

A village, a temple, and many horses (Java)

The desert is a few steps away. This seed spawns players in the forest, but no worries. This seed offers neat terrain, along with horses, and a temple (coordinates: -161, 71, 288) right next to a village (with a blacksmith).

Here are a few more perks:

  • A ruined portal (-308, 63, 636)
  • Village 1 (-139, 70, 822)
  • Pillager outpost (100, 69, 341)
  • Village 2 (33, 64, 716)

It has everything to offer that a gamer needs and should be enjoyed. This is a perfect seed for those new to Minecraft and those looking to speed-run the game.

Seed: 8678942899319966093

A simple desert village… with cats! (Pocket Edition)

The village is abundant in resources and offers a good start to a playthrough. This seed provides a charming, quaint desert village for mobile Minecraft players to enjoy. This is a fun seed that Pocket Edition players should all try out, perhaps with the intention of snatching a cat for the time being. There are also cats in the village, which means that creepers aren’t creeping nearby.

Seed: 2006386677

Strange savanna mountain + a touch of everything (Java)

The peak of this anomaly would be great for a house, since it would serve as protection from the scary skeletons that crowd below during the night. This seed offers a very tall, slim mountain (coordinates: -335.194, 64,-110.382) that stands in the midst of the desert sand. This seed also borders a jungle and mesa biome, two of the least common biomes in the game, right in the player’s hands.

Here are some other great features of this seed:

  • Ruined portal (475.217, 70.5, 210.281)
  • Two villages in the neighboring biomes
  • Desert temple (-341, 66, -435)

Seed: -676569119515363

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