3 Best Places to Land on Sanhok in BGMI

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Do you want to know about Best Places to Land on Sanhok? I will tell you about 3 Best Places to Land on Sanhok in BGMI.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)’s thrilling map Sanhok, with its tropical theme and fast-paced gameplay, beckons players with its heart-pounding action.

The ideal landing spot must be selected because of the challenging terrain, beautiful scenery, and dense forests that make up the area.

3 Best Places to Land on Sanhok in BGMI

3 Best Places to Land on Sanhok

This choice will lay the groundwork for success and survival. We’ll look at 3 great landing spots in Sanhok in this article that can increase your chances of surviving and winning the game.

1. Bootcamp

Boot Camp, which is in the centre of Sanhok, is a landing zone with a high reward/risk ratio. It provides a lot of structures, containers, and stacked crates, offering lots of loot like weapons, armour, and medical supplies.

However, since many players favour this location, be ready for chaotic close-quarters combat. Additionally, the closeness to the coast and the nearby vehicle spawns offer tactical advantages for rotations and escapes.

2. Paradise Resort

The northeastern region of the map contains Paradise Resort, which offers a variety of structures, huts, and natural cover. It supports both aggressive and tactical gameplay styles thanks to its plentiful loot and tactical advantage points.

The resort itself offers plenty of loot for your squad, while the nearby cliffs and hills offer vantage points to scout and engage enemies.

With its clever location, Paradise Resort offers a well-rounded landing spot whether you prefer a more aggressive or strategic approach.

3. Camp Alpha

Because of its convenient location and variety of loot, Camp Alpha, which is located in the northwest corner of the map, is a well-liked landing area.

Finding good weapons, armour, and attachments is likely given the military-style structures and nearby watchtowers.

Additionally, Camp Alpha’s central location makes it a great place to start subsequent rotations to various zones so you can get used to the play area’s constant change.


This post talks about the 3 Best Places to Land on Sanhok. Must visit these places while playing bgmi.

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